Truffles, Oysters and More

In his No Reservations!, Anthony Bourdain dubbed Croatia “world class food, world class wine, world class cheese…” Some of the treats he tasted, like olive oils and wines, are easy to find all over the country. Trying them along the way is a chance to understand terroir and its impact onto the fruits: a great lesson to take away from your foodie holiday in Croatia.

Au contraire, some delicacies you will have to hunt down in very specific places. Look for truffles in Istria, eat lamb on Kornati or try making rosemary-infused honey on Šolta! May our gourmet tours illustrate exactly what Antony Bourdain talked about.

Oyster tasting is a perfect break between Split and Dubrovnik: with seawater diluted by fresh water springs, Mali Ston Bay is the oysters and mussels idyllic home.

Croatian olive oils are internationally acclaimed: and Istria repeatedly proclaimed the best olive growing region in the world.

Start your meals with Dalmatian prosciutto: dry-cured and wind-dried, the perfect slice will be so thin that you can see through it.

Istrian truffles rival those of Alba and Piedmont: the black and white truffles are the delicacy to taste – and hunt. 

Croatia’s famous cheeses come from Pag Island:  the sheep cheese of Pag is known for a unique tang of salt-sprinkled Mediterranean herbs that animals graze on.

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Truffles, Oysters and More