For Big Groups

Travelling with a large group in Croatia, foodie experiences will not only add a dash of unusual to your itinerary, but will also treat you and your guests with first-hand insights into the authentic local living. 

If you are a large group, you are entitled to feeling a little bit special – so look beyond our regular programs! Consider tastings at the foodie temples such as Bibich winery to enjoy and celebrate; sommelier-guided wine-paired lunches to highlight a day of intense travel; a cooking class deep in the hinterland to revoke tribal times or rolling up your sleeves for some memorable team building. 

Foodie team buildings: work, play and strengthen bonds by picking olives, harvesting grapes or going big-game fishing. 

Cooking classes: have fun while learning, cooking, eating and drinking together. You can even do a good deed, cooking for the homeless. 

Themed events: Game of Thrones celebration with medieval specialties in the Red Keep fort, or a Robinsonesque cocktail reception on a deserted island 

Destination weddings: add a dash of unique local flavors with some rose-liquor toasts in Dubrovnik, or a lavender-infused cake on Hvar.

Tailored celebrations: from exclusive wine-and-food-paired dinners to festive product launches amidst lavender fields.

Our Most Popular Experiences

Sharing foodie experiences with a group is what Croatians do on a daily basis – whether it is sipping coffee on open-air squares or cooking up a Sunday lunch in the back yard, social life here very much revolves around food and drink. Enjoy some of the favorite local foodie activities and flavors with your group in some of our most popular experiences:

  1. Zadar Cooking Class

  2. Olive Picking

  3. Hiking and Cooking in Split

  4. The Bibich Experience

  5. Wines of Pelješac

Don't Party Alone!