Andrew Jefford on Croatian Wines

“Gianfranco Kozlović gave me a ride in his Mercedes from Santa Lucia vineyard in Buje to his winery.” With these words, the English journalist, radio presenter, poet, magazine editor, and wine writer Andrew Jefford began his article in Financial Times. He quotes Kozlović: “I bottled my first wine in 1987. It was hard from the very first bottle and cork. We were small and unorganized, but absolutely certain of one thing – we can offer something unique.” Jefford states that Croatia not only produces good wines but also potentially great ones which the world is yet to recognize. He points out that Croatia has 140 authentic sorts of which only 60 are commercially available. He also touched upon Croatian wine regions and its most popular wines that he tasted, and dedicated a special paragraph to Jo Ahearne: a MW who has settled on Hvar after international career.