Istria - Home of World's Finest Olive Oils

The eleventh edition of the world's prestigious olive oil guide Flos Olei presents 52 olive-growing countries from 5 continents. The guide includes 81 olive oils from Croatia out of which 79 are of Istrian origin. This recognition evinces that the continuous hard work of Croatian olive growers and their effort to raise the quality and apply the latest scientific and technological developments in olive growing has been worthwhile. Despite the strong competition in extra virgin olive oils from Italy, France, Spain, and Greece, 14 Istrian olive oils were classified into extra quality olive oils category and 15 of them designated as excellent oils. Among remarkable accomplishments we may mention olive oil makers family Ipša, Agrofin, Olea B. B., and local produce company “Enio Zubin”, which earned the highest 97 scores out of 100. For five times in a row now has Istria been denominated as the most successful olive growing region in the world. Istria Tourist Board director, Denis Ivošević, spoke proudly of the region and emphasized the importance of five consecutive years of winning which are a proof of Istrian potential. He also stated that there is still a lot to be done and accomplished in our country.