Classic Dishes of Dalmatian Countryside

This Dalmatian culinary adventure immerses you in the authentic life of one special local who will welcome you in his rustic home in the small mountain village to teach you ancient cooking skills.

  • Location: Split
  • Food theme: Traditional dishes
  • Duration: Half day
  • Period: Year round
  • Children friendly: Yes
  • Max number of guests: 8
  • INCLUDES: Transfer, lunch


Towering the town of Omiš and surrounded by the peaks of the Dinaric Alps, Poljica region once thrived as an independent, forward-thinking Republic. Today, the handful of villages scattered around here is barely populated as the people massively moved down to the coast looking for an easier livelihood than the one offered by the scarce hinterland landscapes. The village Truše, where you will meet chef Rino, is a village of only a few people. Reversing the trend of moving away, Chef Rino returned to Truše after completing his culinary education and working in several restaurants. Now making an effort to infuse Truše with a new life, chef Rino invites you on a culinary journey with an insider, where he will paint the region’s identity by teaching you to prepare some of the typical local dishes. Welcome and dobar tek!

Off-the-beaten path cooking experience
Arriving from Split with your chauffeur, head over the mountains above the stunningly beautiful town of Omiš to find Truše, a petite and nearly abandoned village. At the end of the village, reach a small, 200-years-old Dalmatian stone house, where you will spend the day with Chef Rino.

Inside a local home, a lived-in museum
The chef’s house is a living testament to the rich and engrossing history of this Dalmatian village. The objects which Rino has collected over the years testify to the arduous work which happened on the barren land here. Knowing that the land here doesn’t give a lot, you might find yourself amazed with what happens next.

Master ancient cooking skills
First, try your hand at making soparnik, an old specialty of Poljica enlisted as Croatia’s Immaterial Cultural Heritage. This thin-crusted pie with savory mangold filling is baked directly under burning charcoal! Next, take up peka, the ancient way of preparing meat and potatoes under a bell-shaped lid. A very popular way of cooking around Croatia, peka allows you to socialize around the fireplace while tasting tidbits like prosciutto and cheese. And local wines, of course! In the end, make a traditional Dalmatian desert, fritule. These balls of deep-fried dough sprinkled with sugar will be easy to recreate at home!

Hike to a river spring
If you like working for your lunch or stretching after it, hike to the natural spring nearby. This easy walk rewards with unforgettable views of the Adriatic islands on the one side and barren hills with pockets of ancient villages on the other.


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