Culinary Croatia is your door to the world of intricate, authentic tastes and flavors of Croatia's regions: from the remarkable island wines of Dalmatia, truffles of Istria and central European influences of northern Croatia to the unique Mediterranean delicacies of the Croatian coastline.

Our cooking classes will take you into ancient tavern hearths as well and modern kitchens where you will meet locals passionate about their traditions and heritage. An essential part of Croatian life is wine. Our wine tours in Croatia envelop you in the rich fragrances and ambiance of centuries-old cellars and vineyards. Your guides to the world of Croatian wines are not sommeliers, but expert vintners whose families have been cultivating grapes for hundreds of years. Enjoying the subtle complexity of Croatian cuisine and wine also means knowing where the best, authentic restaurants, taverns and private cafes are. Culinary Croatia is your private invitation to these special experiences--whether it is a romantic table for two, a glorious picnic location or organizing a memorable corporate holiday event.

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Or tailor your journey based on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations: Croatian Coast!

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