Since 2009, Culinary Croatia has been the love child of Secret Dalmatia. The first specialized culinary travel project in Croatia, it is the fruit of our love and passion for showing you the true flavors of our country. And there might not be a more savory way of understanding the complexity and subtleties of our culture, history and geography than tasting them!
Cooking classes, wine tastings, olive oil sampling, special meals... are a lovely way of spicing up your travels, but we can also design multi-day travel itineraries around the culinary theme. All our programs have been personally tested and selected for their quality and authenticity. Our network of partners, built carefully over the years throughout the region, is made up of enthusiast - specialists proud to showcase their regions. With a firm belief that your experience of Croatia must be flawless, we see that not one grain of salt is left to chance. As perfection is all about seasoning!

Our cooking classes in Croatia take you into the ancient tavern hearths as well and modern kitchens, where you will meet locals passionate about the flavours of their traditions and heritage. Learn, prepare and love the tastes of Croatia.

Authentic cooking of the Dalmatian hinterland!

Peka lesson in Primošten Burni
Cooking Classes
Wine Tours

Our wine tours in Croatia envelop you in rich fragrances and ambiance of centuries-old cellars and vineyards. Your guides to the world of Croatian wines are not sommeliers, but expert vintners whose families have been cultivating grapes for hundreds of years.

Taste the wines of Istria's finest terroir

Wines of Northern Istria
Cooking Classes
One of the most popular wine tours in Croatia!
Wine tour of Hvar Island
The original wine tour in Dubrovnik region
Wine Tour of Pelješac
Cooking class with a local!
Chef Dalmatino's cooking class
Dubrovnik area classics
Cooking class in Trsteno
Learn to cook at the region's best restaurant
Pelegrini restaurant cooking class
Explore the terroir of original Zinfandel!
The ancestral home of Zinfandel
Taste the wines of Istria's finest terroir
Wines of Northern Istria
Modern tastes of classic Istrian varietals
Wines of Istria
Honey & Olive Bike tour of Šolta Island

Often overlooked on the account of its widely popular neighbors of Hvar and Brač, the island of Šolta still retains that ‘lucky find’ and ‘off-the-beaten path’ feeling to it. Poised directly across from Split, the wavering coast of Šolta attracts swimmers and sailors alike with its promise of unspoiled nature, preserved traditions and charming, rustic villages.

Cycling and cooking

Step back from the coast and behind the mountains near Split to discover the world of the Dalmatian hinterland. Featuring the great outdoors at its best: Dinaric Alps, pristine springs and rivers, fresh air and very little people around, this is an ideal setting for immersing in pure nature and having a moment of complete relaxation.

Cycling or hiking on Pelješac

Just an hour away from Dubrovnik, Pelješac peninsula oozes a whole different vibe from the bustling Pearl of the Adriatic, one of the most frequented Croatian destinations.

Chef under sails

Sailing down the culinary routes of the Adriatic coast is an entirely unique way of travelling Croatia. Among the 1244 islands, Central Dalmatian ones are a true paradise for both sailing and gourmet aficionados, as each island brings a memorable identity to the curious traveller’s itinerary. In the company of your youthful, but highly experienced skipper, who is also a very creative chef, explore the feel and the flavours of the Adriatic on this unique journey.

Custom Experiences

From the tours focused around the Croatian tidbits – olive oils, honey, dried cured ham, and the locals who upkeep these traditions, to those special celebrations and events striving for perfection – enjoy our authentic Food experiences in Croatia!

Unique foodie experience in the enchanted forest

Truffle Hunt in Istria

Looking for Peka

Tried it, loved it, want it? Let us know! The unique iron bell peka, traditional Croatian cooking accessory for preparing delicious meals of meat, vegetables or seafood, is just an e-mail away - all complete with proper peka cooking pan and shipping!

Luxury of Bevanda

Established in 1971, restaurant Bevanda in Opatija is one of those iconic places with a longstanding regional reputation. Possibly the best restaurant in former Yugoslavia, its founder Branko Bevanda is still regarded the industry’s legend. 

Authentic Peljesac with Bartulovic family

Bartulovic family has been living on Pelješac for almost 500 years now. In the tiny, but very picturesque village of Prizdrina, with a population of only 22, their ancient wine cellar could almost tell stories of the Romans and Greeks who rooted the tradition in this region.

Saints Hills Experience

In the heart of the Pelješac peninsula wine empire, perched up on a hill en route to Trpanj and facing an impressive ridge and lushly green landscapes, Saints Hills presents local traditions in the most loving and stylish of ways.

San Rocco and Istrian hillside

On the western edge of the inspiring Istrian culinary region, family-operated San Rocco heritage boutique hotel is an authentic Istrian country estate, nurturing its typical, serene and graceful, atmosphere. Top gourmet destination, San Rocco is like a grand prelude to an ever-lasting encounter with the fascinating cultural heritage of the Istria, and especially some of the most unique wine cellars in the North of the peninsula.

Stancija Meneghetti

A subtle melange of old-fashioned and contemporary, Stancija Meneghetti flatters each of the senses with the best Istria has to offer, immersing you into the vivid charm of the peninsula’s traditions. Croatian star in the Relais-Chateaux collection, Meneghetti’s gourmet spirit and luxury boutique character inspire the visitor to explore the boundaries of pleasure palettes while absorbed in a true Istrian experience

Trpanj B/B, Pelješac

Nothing short of the best bed and breakfast on the Adriatic coast, Morana B&B has a genuine homestay feeling about it, with two generations of Raguz family involved with everyday activities, including cooking. Incredibly welcoming, they will teach you about local foods, customs and life, while making sure you get to see all their favourite places on the peninsula.

Hotel-restaurant Boškinac, Novalja

Like a guardian of true essence of Pag island – stone, sea and nature, the boutique hotel Boškinac, with its restaurant and winery, sits tucked away in a quiet, endless bliss of Mediterranean gardens, olive groves and vineyards.

What's cooking

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