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Anyone in the creative process understands that getting to the bottom of the pot requires some quality research, and at its backbone, local know-how is the ingredient to make a difference between tasting the pie and actually eating it.
At Secret Dalmatia, Culinary Croatia is our ultimate passion. As true Dalmatians, we find nothing concerning food and wine too hard or too complex, and we constantly seek new gastronomic experiences to illustrate the sumptuousness of this region to the world. The Bizarre Foods filming in Croatia was a unique journey that we partook in its entirety, from pinpointing culinary traditions on the verge of extinction – and sometimes beyond it, to sourcing remarkable locals to present them and spectacular locations to film at. The Saveur magazine editorial on the Croatian cuisine highlighted in many parts the Culinary Croatia select experiences, such as cooking with Tatjana Ciciliani, describing them as exceptionally authentic. It goes without saying that we greatly enjoy each chance to partake in the work streaming to underline the highpoints of the Croatian cuisine, thus culture.
Eager to take it a step further from the basic groceries list, if you are looking into writing, filming or researching glorious volumes of the Croatian cuisine, contact us.

Food and nature are two of our favorite things, so imagine our delight when we found a tour that perfectly combines unspoiled wilderness and gourmet cooking. When Alan, founder and managing director of Secret Dalmatia, invited us to come along on their unique Adventurous Foodie tour, we knew we’d be in for something special.
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Arriving to Croatia, Anthony Bourdain openly admitted he had absolutely no idea what Croatian cuisine was all about. Travelling the Adriatic coast in the company of one of renowned Croatian chefs Mate Janković, he started in Istria and ventured all the way south. Highlighting specialties like truffles in Istria, oysters in Ston and fresh Adriatic tuna, and culinary temples like Boškinjac in Pag and Bibich in Skradin, Anthony Bourdain in fact visited many of the gourmet places and culinary wizards featured in our Culinary Croatia programs.
Aired on April 23, 2012, No Reservations: Croatia marked our spot on the international gastro map. Its current Imbd rating is at 8.9, and the episode still today brings foodies over in an intent to retrace his steps – as well as make new discoveries! This is not a surprise, given that Anthony Bourdain’s comments truly reflected his amazement. Amongst others, he said: ‘The next big thing, it’s Croatia”. And he was apparently right!

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Following Croatia’s discovery by Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, the Travel Chanel’s Bizarre Foods with Anthony Zimmerman came over to explore a different angle on Croatian cooking. And Secret Dalmatia and our Culinary Croatia project partook a great deal in making this come true!
Many of Culinary Croatia’s programs feature distinctive regional culinary traditions, some entirely authentic to this part of the world. Moreover, we take great joy in showcasing them, plus enjoy very much participating in TV production! Hence Secret Dalmatia proposed and sourced a great deal of venues, people and foods to be included in the Bizarre Foods episode, as well as assisted with production logistics. It is our great pride that unique specialities like dormouse on Brač, frog specialties in Trilj, or soparnik in Poljica, as well as unique individuals like the home chef Tatjana Ciciliani in Trogir, were all presented to the world in part thanks to our efforts! Cheers to that!

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