Buying peka dome

Definitely one of Croatian traditional favorites, peka easily wins over the hearts of our guests! Originally an earthenware dish, the conical lid evolved over time to commonly being made of metal or cast iron.

Simple at first glance, peka is in fact a skill – an art almost! Meat and vegetables are placed in a pan, which is then covered by the peka lid. Metal ring is placed on top of the lid to hold hot charcoal
Under the lid, the ingredients cook and bake at the same time, and their flavors and aromas melt into a tasteful, irresistible melange! Commonly, Croatians will prepare veal or lamb under peka, mixed with cut potatoes and vegetables, and always with olive oil and Mediterranean herbs like rosemary, bay leaves, even sage. However, different kinds of meat can be prepared this way – fish, squid, chicken - and octopus under peka is considered a true Dalmatian specialty.


The Social Ingredient
Dating back to the times when ancient Illyrians cooked around a common fireplace, peka still reserves the social component as one of its central ingredients. Waiting for peka to be ready - which can take anywhere from one to a couple of hours - is the time for small talk, singing but also wines, olive oil, prosciutto, cheeses and bread - preferably also prepared under peka!

Want one?
Having had many of our guests enthralled with the experience and inquiring about getting a peka of their own, we started distributing them world-wide.
Our pekas come in two sizes (medium and large) and custom sizes are available upon request. Shipped together with a matching cooking pan, only a small assembly of the handle is necessary before your first home peka escapade! 

Medium - cc 45 cm - 48 cm in diameter (18'' - 20''); feeds 6 - 8 guests

Large - 48 cm - 55 cm in diameter (20'' - 22''); feeds 8 - 10 guests

All lids are professionally made by a local blacksmith with decades of experience. You can read more on our blog.