Foodie Walk of Zagreb

Taste authentic Zagreb tidbits them en route to dining in a classic Zagreb home

Zagreb, the vibrant capital of Croatia, brings Croatian gastronomy to a global level: Zagreb’s dining scene is lively, flavourful and diverse. The city is scattered with distinct restaurants, themed bars, unique trattorias, charming patisseries and colourful food markets.

The Foodie walk takes you to both the historic Upper Town and the Lower town (downtown), introducing your palate to the traditional flavours of the largest city of Croatia.
Dolac, the main open market in Zagreb, is a stunning display of freshness and diversity, all bustling from buyers and sellers touching, feeling and choosing fresh produce. Stop by several stalls to try local cheeses, fresh cream and charcuterie directly from the sellers and witness the authentic spirit of this important every day activity of Croatian living. After Dolac, continue on to try other Zagreb classics: soft cheese filled dough - štrukli, gemišt – a Croatian version of spritzer, or rakija, a potent brandy made of grappa and different fruits or herbs.
The grand finale of your foodie walk actually sits you down in the home of an old Zagreb family, where you will get to savour a true home cooked meal of Zagreb delicacies and some pleasant local company. Sprinkled with many different flavours, the Foodie Walk engages all your senses, making you experience the charms of Zagreb to the fullest.


Food theme: Authentic food of Zagreb region

Tour style: Walking tour

Time: 10:00 - 13:00

Difficulty: Easy

Children friendly: Yes

What to bring: Walking shoes, camera

Location: Zagreb


Professional foodie guide, tastings, traditional lunch.

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Available options:

Shopping for food and delicacies is optional as well as wine tasting.