Cooking class with Tatjana in Trogir

Tatjana's smile, knowledge and spirit are simply contageous

Tatjana is one of Croatia’s favourite home chefs! Featured in the Saveur magazine and Bizarre foods TV show, she has been making headlines in promoting Dalmatian cuisine and a lifestyle of cherishing small wonders and living in harmony with the environment. Enthusiastic, passionate and incredibly curious about food, rest assured that Tatjana will pass the ‘cooking bug’ onto you in no time!

Your cooking class will take place in Tatjana’s home, 13th century palace in the centre of Trogir, UNESCO jewel located some 45 minutes driving from Split. With an open courtyard and a garden both doubling for kitchen, immediately as you pass through its gates, you will understand that something magical is about to happen.

Just like any feast in Dalmatia, you cooking class will actually start with a visit to the local market. Here, Tatjana will share her secrets on recognizing fresh and organically grown foods and employing all your senses on this quest. Then, you will embark on a journey of learning how to appreciate each of these ingredients to their fullest, how to treat them and how to make the best of their essence. The menu depends as much on the day and the market, as on your personal preferences, but do make sure to take down recipes, as Tatjana is a culinary artist who’s work is always original!

This is the true value of an experience with Tatjana – while talking about the Dalmatian traditions, she will recreate your relationship with food so that you truly understand the meaning of the old saying that ‘love comes from the stomach’. With Tatjana, it surely does!


Food theme: Modern take on classics

Tour style: Hands on experience

Time: 9 - 14

Period: Year round

Duration: Half day

Difficulty: Easy

Children friendly: Yes

What to bring: Camera, walking shoes, pen and notebook for notes

Location: Trogir old town


Market visit, hands on cooking expereince, lunch with wine

For your inquiries and reservations, please contact us at [email protected]

Available options:

It is possible to stay with Tatjana as she has one apartmet for two. This can be a lovely addition to a honeymoon: two night stay with creative Tatjana's cooking and living with her lovely family