Cooking class in Imotski

Where the Orient met the West

The longstanding division line between the mighty empires of Venice and Turkey, Imotski region and its tumultuous history essentially found refuge in the culinary expression, bringing to harmony – and an abundance of exciting contrasts – distinct flavours of the East and the West. As a true border region, frequented by travellers from many other places, today Imotski presents a take on delicacies such as the Luganega sausages as their own specialty.

The fickle atmosphere of a transit area made people here very much attached to an almost ritual way of doing things, with food as with everything else. Many of the region’s celebrations, like the carnival or religious feasts, date back to the ancient times and your characterful host Domagoj Nikolić will explain these better than anyone else.

A proud native and a bit of a Dalmatian alchemist himself, Domagoj is an articulate history connoisseur, lover of myths and traditions. Together with his wife Sanja, he will make your cooking class resemble a thought-provoking journey of the region’s culinary traditions. Presenting traditional specialties like offal, cheese, or the tasty rafijoli (walnut stuffed dough cookies), Domagoj can hardly resist adding a personal take on the Oriental delicacies, resulting in specialties like tufahije (typically boiled apples stuffed with walnut filling) prepared with pears and almonds.

Unravelling before you the intricate histories of this unique region, Imotski cooking class delivers a cultural experience par excellence, all savoury of ancient contrasts blended into a feast of delicacies for both mind and body.


Food theme: Classic dishes of the Dalmatian hinterland

Tour style: Hands on experience

Time: 09:00 - 15:00

Period: June to September

Difficulty: Moderate

Children friendly: Yes

What to bring: Camera

Location: Imotski, Split region


Private return transfer, hands on cooking class, sampling of local home-made liquors and wines, lunch

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