Chef under sails

Sailing down the culinary routes of the Adriatic is an entirely unique way of experiencing Croatia. Among 1244 islands, Central Dalmatian ones are a true paradise for both sailing and gourmet aficionados. In the company of your youthful, but highly experienced skipper, who is also a very creative chef, explore the feel and the flavours of the Adriatic on this unique journey.

The Central Dalmatian sailing discovery tour highlights the islands of Brač, Šolta, Hvar and Vis. Each nurtures a very unique identity, which may come as a surprise given the relatively short distances inbetween. While you can enjoy your private cooking feasts on the boat any time, do venture out to the islands to explore their foodie quirks. Your skipper will provide insight on the best local experiences, but don't miss wild game on Hvar, Vitalac (lamb offal) on Brač or the famous rosemary honey on Šolta.
As you will be fishing along the way, and cooking and grilling on the boat, also explore local markets to pick typical herbs and vegetables to compliment your catch of the day! As the days fade into the sunset, sit at the prow with a glass of savory local wine, deciding between night swimming or simply gazing upon some of the starriest night skies around.

An adventure of savouring true Dalmatia, sailing the Adriatic with an enthusiastic skipper-chef brings you the best of Croatia - its sea and its flavors.


Food theme: Cooking seafood

Tour style: Private sailing program

Time: Week long program

Period: May to October

Duration: Week long program

Difficulty: Easy

Children friendly: Yes

What to bring: Swimming gear, comfortable shoes, camera, sun screen...

Location: Central Dalmatian Islands


Boat, skipper/cook, breakfast daily, cooking on board...

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Available options:

Various boats are available for this charter but we recommend sailing boats (size depending on the size of your group) as our skippers are specialized for this type of boats. The program is offered as private, custom tailored itinerary and there are no groups to join!