About us

In Dalmatia, life is very much about food and wine. At Secret Dalmatia likewise. While we worship exploration, curiosity and the magnificence of Croatian sceneries, at the end of the day, it is food and wine that keep us going.


Culinary Croatia was our first off-spring project, but also the first website in Croatia with a completely culinary focus. It was then, as it is now, our great desire to introduce you to the Croatian table, the place where innumerable cultures found common grounds over the tumultuous times of the region’s history. A melting pot, our cuisine reflects on the past and the present of the Adriatic area sometimes even more thoroughly than the architecture and landscapes.

It is these Croatian gems - unique traditions extant in a single village, ancient cooking methods, locals proud of stirring up the old ways in the present day, that Culinary Croatia strives to show you. Each designed through a personal tasting process, our programs have been carefully selected as crème-de-la-crème experiences of the Croatian culinary scene, intended to leave you with a uniquely vivid aftertaste of the region long after you depart.

From cooking classes with local chefs and wine tours guided by winemakers, to bespoke travel itineraries designed uniquely to your taste buds, travelling the foodie way brings you an insider perspective of Croatia, engaging all your senses into understanding the true essence of this region: the joy of living.